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Team Canada takes time to visit sick kids in Calgary

December 16, 2011

Team Canada, the hockey team that will represent the nation at the 2012 World Junior Hockey championship, recently stepped off of the ice and paid a visit to a Ronald McDonald charity house in Calgary. The Calgary Herald reports that all 22 members of the team spent time with the children - signing autographs and giving out hugs along with mini hockey sticks and Team Canada teddy bears.

"The feeling of support and the giving something back is really valuable, and caring about other people is very important," Team Canada's head coach, Don Hay, told the news source. "There is a lot of people in Canada cheering us on and to give something back is something important that the guys understand."

The kids at the Ronald McDonald house were so excited for the visit that they made signs and chanted "go Canada, go!" when the players had to say goodbye, according to the news publication. They will be playing their first game of the championship against Finland on December 26. Hockey fans who are out of the country can make calls to Canada on game day to get play-by-play updates from their friends.


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