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New artifacts uncovered at Teotihuacan ruins

December 15, 2011

Archaeologists in Mexico recently uncovered what they believe could be ancient ceremonial offerings at the Teotihuacan ruins north of Mexico City. The Associated Press reports that the archaeologists dug to the center of the Pyramid of the Sun, the tallest temple in Mexico, and found a number of artifacts that may have been placed there as an offering prior to the pyramid's construction.

"We know that it was deposited as part of a consecration ritual for the construction of the Pyramid of the Sun," Enrique Perez Cortes, an INAH archaeologist, told the AP.

The offerings included a number of clay pots dedicated to an ancient rain god and bones of eagles, cats and dogs. An elaborate serpentine mask was also found among the ancient rubble. The scientists believe that its intricate details could mean it is not just a mask but a portrait. This discovery gives archaeologists and historians new evidence of the ancient Teotihuacan civilization, and possibly even opens a gateway to even older cultures, according to the news source.

People who are interested in hearing the latest news surrounding the recent arifacts can make calls to Mexico to talk to their friends about the discovery and its implications.


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