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Chinese wines beat French in blind tasting

December 14, 2011

Recently, a blind wine tasting was held to determine whether Chinese or French wines were superior, and it appears as though the Asian competitors were victorious. Each nation supplied five different bottles of wine, excluding French chateau wines and 10 experts from France and China were asked to judge them in Beijing, according to Reuters.

"The one thing this tasting showed is that China can make good wines," Jim Boyce, one of the event organizers and a China wine expert, told the news source. "There is the soil, the climate, the skill to take all the elements and make even foreign judges say 'this is good.' These wines can compete."

The Chinese wines took the first four places, which demonstrates the nation's growing interest in the industry, The Associated Press reports. People can make calls to China with international phone cards to ask their friends and family for advice when it comes to choosing the right wine for a special occasion.

Boyce told reporters that he believes the reason wine made in China is so competitive is because a vast number of winemakers were trained in Bordeaux, France, a world-renowned winemaking location.


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