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Scientists gather in Germany to determine how to harness sun's energy most effectively

December 12, 2011

Scientists in Germany are working to create the technology needed to harness solar power directly from outer space. National Geographic reports that collecting energy in space would be more efficient than solar panels on the Earth's surface because none would be lost in atmospheric absorption.

A recent report by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) stated that the technology could be ready for implementation in the next decade or two, and within 30 years, this energy source could hypothetically replace common commercial energy sources, such as fossil fuels, wind and water power.

"Some of the initial aims of this work haven't been to look at replacing all existing energy supplies," Stephen Sweeney of the Universityof Surrey in the U.K., who is working on the experiments in Germany, told the publication. "It's a case of how to deliver energy somewhere where you most need it, such as disaster areas and military sites."

Scientists from around the globe can either make calls to Germany or travel there to take part in the development of the technology.

According to the news source, the only major roadblock of getting this project up and running is the extensive cost of designing experimental equipment that can be used to test the technology and also allow for humans to accompany the device into space.


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