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United Russia's narrow election victory sparks protests

December 6, 2011

Vladimir Putin and the United Russia Party were expected to win the elections in a landslide, but they won with less than 50 percent of the vote. The Washington Post reports that the low numbers show waning support for the party, which is also a sign of its growing vulnerability.
"Yes, there were losses and they are inevitable," Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said of his party's narrow victory following last week's elections. "They are inevitable for any political force, especially for one which, not for the first year, bears the brunt of responsibility for the situation in the country."
Narrow though it may have been, their victory still spurred protests from the opposition. Roughly 300 protesters gathered in Moscow to show their distaste for Putin's presidential candidacy and the United Russia Party. The BBC News reports that they were shouting things like "Russia without Putin" and "we need new elections."
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