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Lions captain blamed for Cameroon soccer team's strike

December 2, 2011

The Cameroon national soccer team, the Indomitable Lions, recently went on strike, and the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) is placing the blame on team captain and vice-captain - Samuel Eto'o and Eyong Enoh. The BBC News reports that Eto'o and Enoh, will be required to face a disciplinary committee for their role in the strike, and the subsequent trouble it caused.

The Lions were due to play a friendly exhibition game in Algeria, but the event was canceled due to the strike, and Algeria is currently pursuing reparations up to $1 million.

"Some points suggest that the botch-up of the Algeria-Cameroon international friendly was premeditated and that the Indomitable Lions captain was manipulated to destabilize the federation and the ministry of sports," read a statement issues by Fecafoot, according to Ahram Online.

The hearing has been put on hold until the two players are back in Cameroon. Soccer fans can use international phone cards to make calls to Cameroon to find out the latest on the story from their friends. 


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