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Philippine charity groups attempt to break world record for longest line of coins

November 30, 2011

Students and charity groups in the Philippines are attempting to break a world record for the longest line of singe-denomination coins. The project is not just about breaking records, either. The coins, which were donated by schools, businesses and private contributors, will be used to build new schools in the Philippines, according to the Philippine Star.

"Unofficially, we have received nearly 73 kilometers of coins already, but we cannot state that officially unless a geodetic engineer and an architect certifies it," Paul Chan, the organizer of the record-breaking event, told the AFP of the Guinness World Record qualification requirements.

Approximately 3.6 million 25-centavo coins were donated to the project, which amounts to about $21,000. If the unofficial estimates of 73 meters (roughly 45 miles) are correct, the coin line-up will easily beat out the current record of 64.88 meters (about 40 miles).

People can make calls to the Philippines with international phone cards to find out if the efforts paid off.


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