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Black Friday comes to Canada

November 28, 2011

Canadian businesses successfully adopted the U.S. tradition of Black Friday this year, but the shopping events were not nearly as chaotic as those in America. Black Friday is an American tradition of extreme discounts and sales the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. Reuters reports that, unlike Americans, Canadian shoppers were not waiting in line for their favorite stores to open before dawn.

Stores that opened earlier than usual were greeted with a lower number of shoppers than had been anticipated, but some shoppers told the news source that they were upset to find other stores had not opened their doors earlier for the sale day.

"Our customer research has shown us that there's a very high level of awareness around branding the events as Black Friday," Rosalyn Carneiro, a spokesperson for Walmart Canada, told the news publication. "Because of our proximity to the U.S., Canadian consumers are aware of the name."

People can make calls to Canada with phone cards to find out if their loved ones took part in the nation's new Black Friday tradition.  


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