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Massachusetts governor will lead delegation to Brazil next month

November 16, 2011

Governor Deval Patrick of Masschusetts is planning to travel to South America next month to meet with government, university and business leaders. The governor's mission is to garner a trade relationship with Brazil in an effort to boost his state's economy, the Boston Globe reports.

"We are committed to competing for every job in every corner of the Commonwealth and the world," Patrick said in a statement, according to the Boston Herald. "To continue our recovery, we need to position Massachusetts for success in growing markets like Brazil to drive job growth and catalyze international investment."

Should his trip be successful, the newly formed business ties will create a need for Massachusetts-based businesses to make calls to Brazil to discuss business plans.

Brazil is currently ranked as the seventh largest economy in the world, and it is expected to grow to be the fifth soon, the Herald reports. This combined with the fact that Portuguese is the second most common language spoken in the New England state makes the pending business relationship a promising one.


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