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Baba Suwe detained for suspicion of drug smuggling at airport, judge rules in his favor

November 2, 2011

On October 12, Nigerian comedian Baba Suwe was detained at an airport in Lagos. The Associated Press reports that Suwe was accused of ingesting illegal drugs prior to boarding a flight to Paris, but after two weeks of careful observation, no drugs have come out of Suwe's body.

In true comedic fashion, Suwe has already spun the incident into a mockery of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria, and he has pressed charges against the organization for detaining him. The news source reports that at the court hearing on Tuesday, many of Suwe's fans took up residence around the court's fence to catch a glimpse of their beloved comedy star. Their friends can make calls to Nigeria to find out if they were able to spot the actor on his way into or out of the building.

Justice Yetunde Idowu took Suwe's side in the court case and ordered that he be released with a bail of $3,300 on Friday if at that point no traces of drugs are found on, or in, his person, according to the AP.


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