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World's seven billionth member born in the Philippines on Halloween

October 31, 2011

Two minutes before the clock struck midnight on Halloween, Danica May Camacho was born in a hospital in Manila amidst a slew of cheers and camera flashes, according to CBS News. There is nothing extraordinary about the newborn, her family or the birth itself, but the reason baby Danica was welcomed in such a tumultuous way is because the newborn is the seven billionth person on the planet.

Danica's birth represents more than just a number. It serves as a reminder that the world population is increasing and that sustainability of a population this size will need to be given serious thought by officials and experts all around the world.

"We should really focus on the question of whether there will be food, clean water, shelter, education and a decent life for every child," Dr. Eric Tayag of the Philippines' Department of Health told the news source.

The global population hit the six billion mark about 12 years ago, and is expected to grow another billion or so in the next 14 or 15 years, according to projections by the United Nations.

People can use international phone cards to make calls to the Philippines to talk to their friends about the birth of the seven billionth person and what that means for the future of the world.


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