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International Clown Convention invades Mexico City

October 18, 2011

The sound of laughter is filling the streets of Mexico City, which is hosting the 16th annual International Clown Convention. The Metro reports that approximately 500 costumed clowns from across the globe will attend the meeting. They will not only trade magic secrets and juggling tips, but also discuss how to make the world take their line of work more seriously, as the news source reports that clowns are typically underpaid, performing on the street for small amounts of money.

The serious business is just a small part of the events. Last year, 700 clowns attempted to break the world laugh record, but only succeeded in breaking Mexico's national record by laughing for 15 minutes, according to MyFox DC. They will likely go for the world record again this year.

Anyone who wants to warn their friends who might have coulrophobia about the colorful infiltration can use an international phone card to make calls to Mexico to friends and family about the unusual international guests.


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