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Turmoil arises before presidential election results are even announced

October 18, 2011

Last week, the presidential elections were held in Cameroon, and even though the winner will not be announced seven candidates are calling for the vote to be annulled and rescheduled. Incumbent president Paul Biya is expected to be the winner of the election, and his opposition is claiming that there was fraud, strong-arming their supporters away from the polls on election day and other irregularities that nullify the results, according to Reuters.

"We therefore reject any result that shall be declared by the Constitutional Council because of our well-founded conviction that there were really no elections in Cameroon on the ninth of October 2011," the opposing candidates said in a statement, according to the publication.

The Washington Post reports that the candidates who have spoken out about the elections have also called for protests if their requests are ignored.

Biya, who changed the nation's constitution so he would be eligible to run for re-election, retaliated by claiming that those who spoke out against him and the elections are trying to create unnecessary problems, News 24 reports.

Those who wish to speak to their friends about the election can use phone cards to make calls to Cameroon to find out the latest news concerning the presidency.


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