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Mexican journalist heads to the States to investigate UFO sightings

October 13, 2011

A journalist from Mexico has traveled all the way to Studio City in Los Angeles, California, in pursuit of an unidentified flying object. Studio City Patch reports that Jaime Maussan of 60 Minutos read a few reports of July Fourth UFO sightings on their site, and he could not resist the urge to travel to the U.S. to do some investigating of his own.

So far Maussan has held interviews with Suzanne Chancellor, a Studio City local who claims she was abducted by aliens, and Steve Murillo, a California investigator and the state's section director of the Mutual UFO Network. The network investigates sightings, promotes research on UFOs and seeks to educate the public on the phenomenon of UFOs.

The particular sighting that drew Maussan to California was caught on video by three separate sources. In one video, it is very easy to see blinking lights on the stereotypically-shaped object. Whether this UFO is from outer space or has a more grounded explanation is uncertain.

People can use phone cards to make calls to Mexico to talk to their friends about the journalist's extraterrestrial hunt or even just to debate the existence of aliens.


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