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Russian explorers are sure they've found evidence of yetis

October 12, 2011

Yet another team of researchers claims to have found irrefutable proof of the yeti, this time in the Siberian mountains in Russia. The yeti, which is the Asian version of the American Bigfoot, is a shorter version of the mythical creature, rumored to be about six or seven feet tall, weighing in at 200 to 400 pounds and covered with dark hair.

Many teams have dedicated too much time searching the remote mountain areas of Russia, China and Nepal for any sign of the yeti's existence, but much like Bigfoot, this beast remains entirely elusive. MSNBC reports that the latest expedition found footprints and a few hairs that they believe will trace back to the fantastic creature.

However, most people reject that Bigfoot and yetis exist at all. According to The Daily Mail, the team's claims are based on bent branches, one indistinguishable footprint and a few gray hairs found in a cave, but there is no photographic or DNA evidence.

Chances are that this is yet another dead end in the search for the mythical yeti, but people can use phone cards to make calls to Russia to double check with their friends before giving up the dream of finding a real live yeti.


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