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MTV Mexico announced a few winners from first-annual game awards

October 10, 2011

A few days ago, the first-ever MTV Mexico Game Awards was a night of music, celebrities and weird awards. The award show will not air on television until November, but MTV has already announced a few of the night's winners. Some of the award categories bordered on bizarre, such as "Best Game to Shake Your Body To" and "Best Weapon of Mass Destruction."

Little Big Planet, a game of creating worlds and sharing with friends was aptly chosen as the recipient of the "Best Game for Sharing your World" award. Call of Duty: Black Ops really cleaned house at the ceremony as well. The warfare game won "Best Game for Pulling the Trigger," "Most Realistic Game" and even "Best Latino Participation in a Game" for Danny Trejo's voice acting in the zombie platform of gameplay.

One award like no other was the "Playstation® Most Unexpected Player Award," for which fans could nominate themselves or their friends by uploading videos to MTV Mexico's official website. This award not only recognizes that video games can be played and enjoyed by everyone, but that talent can lurk where it is least expected - the winner was three-year-old Aaron Martinez Rivera.

Video game enthusiasts can make calls to Mexico using international phone cards to talk to their friends about the awards show and what they are looking forward to most.


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