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President Biya's lack of campaigning has many worried

October 5, 2011

Cameroon's incumbent president Paul Biya is taking an extremely lax approach to his reelection campaign, which has both supporters and opponents wondering what he is planning to do to hold onto his seat as the nation's leader. The campaigning season is in its final week, and still Biya has been absent from any sort of political venues and campaign efforts, in which the other 22 candidates have been taking part across the country.

"We are very worried and bitter about our candidate sitting in the air-conditioned office and sending us to the field as if we were slaves," Christopher Ambre, one of Biya's supporters, told CNN. "He is very proud even to go down to the ordinary Cameroonian on the streets."

The news source reports that many, including his main opponent John Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front, fear he will use underhanded tactics, such as fraud and rigging, which is why he hasn't bothered to do any campaigning. Others believe that he is just too old for the job, as his party, the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, has hired young adults to promote his presidential candidacy.

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