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Japanese company to build two casinos in Manila

September 30, 2011

Manila will soon be home to two brand-new casinos and three new hotels and more could follow if the first businesses are successful. Universal Entertainment Corp., the Japanese pachinko company that is also a co-owner of Wynn Resorts, plans to sink 150 billion yen (roughly $2.3 billion) into the construction and opening of five new businesses in the Philippines.

"The sales will start to increase faster after a point in the period of 2014 to 2015," Chairman Kazuo Okada said in a recent interview, according to Bloomberg. "As Asia's economy goes up, it will benefit the casino market."

Currently Universal Entertainment officials are talking to potential investors to garner interest and funding for the large-scale project. The news source reports that $1.6 billion will be spent on the casinos and hotels, and the rest of the funds will be used to fund a residential project.

A few years ago, the Philippines awarded four licenses to operate casinos in a government-run complex, and the agreement requires each license-holder to invest $1 billion over a five-year span.

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