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Canadian government makes efforts to protects digital property

September 30, 2011

The Canadian government recently reintroduced copyright reform legislation in order to protect the intellectual and creative property of video game developers, and the entertainment industry couldn't be more pleased.

Until now, copyright protection was lacking for digital-based media, products, distribution methods, but the government will be working to update their policies. The Entertainment Software Association of Canada (EASC), which employs nearly 16,000 people at more than 350 companies and contributes about $1.7 billion to the nation's economy, is pleased with the efforts of the government.

"By deterring those who profit and benefit from stealing creator's work, this legislation will help provide a framework for the digital marketplace and allow creators and companies to distribute their works in the manner that best suits them," said Jason Kee, Director, Policy and Legal Affairs at ESAC. "We strongly support the principles underlying this bill and look forward to working with Members of Parliament to adopt any technical changes needed to ensure the bill fully reflects those principles and avoid unintended consequences."­­

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