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Canada's largest bakery celebrates grand opening

September 29, 2011

On Wednesday in Hamilton, Ontario, the largest bakery in Canada opened its doors for the first time. The 385,000 square-foot "Trillium" bakery opened by Maple Leaf Foods, a leading Canadian food company, will create more than 300 jobs. Since the company only uses wheat grown in Canada to make tortillas, English muffins, white and whole wheat breads and other baked goods, the bakery will also support the agricultural industry.

"As Canada's largest bakery, our new facility is among the most efficient in North America," said Michael McCain, the president and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods. "We are particularly proud of of the environmental features that we engineered into the facility to meet rigorous environmental standards. The new bakery also provides us with dedicated space to support new product innovation, supported by out leadership in providing Canadians nutritious, fresh and wholesome bakery products."

Not only does the new bakery create jobs and stimulate Canada's economy, but it was also designed with the environment in mind. The building itself was built to be LEED certified, which means it operates at the highest standards of "green" efficiency and sustainability.

People can make affordable calls to Canada with phone cards to ask their friends and families about the bakery and talk about the many different ways that people and businesses can make efforts to "go green."


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