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Germans spell success at cycling world championship time trials

September 22, 2011

Germany has been doing well at the cycling world championship in Denmark, winning the men's and women's time trials.

Tony Martin completed the 28.8-mile circuit through Copenhagen in just 53 minutes and 42.85 seconds, according to The Associated Press. He finished the race a full 75 seconds ahead of second place winner Bradley Wiggins from Britain.

"I had a good feeling," Martin told the AP. "Now a dream came true."

Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellera came in third, ruining his chances for a hat trick after winning the time trial on 2009 and 2010. He also claimed the gold in 2006 and 2007. He may not have claimed the gold this year, but at least Martin did not outdo him in speed. Cancellera set the record in 2009 with an average speed of 31.1 miles per hour, and although Martin came close at 32.2 mph, Cancellera can hold on to one of his titles this year.

Germany's female gold-winner, Judith Arndt, cut it much closer than Martin, beating out second-place rider Linda Villumsen of New Zealand by only 21 seconds, with a total time of 37 minutes and seven seconds. ESPN reports that the women's circuit is only 17.2 miles, but Arndt earned her victory as she rode in the rain.

Cycling fans can make calls to Germany to talk to their friends about the recent victories. 


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