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More than half the candidates disqualified from Cameroon presidential election

September 16, 2011

Cameroon is quickly approaching election day (October 9), and until recently there were 51 candidates for the presidency. More than half of the hopeful politicians were disqualified by election authorities, leaving 21 candidates left in the race. This move has prompted many of the rejected candidates and their supporters to protest, according to Voice of America.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the cases of the presidential candidates after their applications were thrown out on the premise that they contained flaws, such as missing legal signatures and unpaid deposits. Anicet Ekane, a candidate who stood opposing incumbent President Paul Biya, and his followers staged a protest when he was removed from the electoral race. The news source reports that he was eliminated from the race due to an issue with a tax-declaration certificate, but that Ekane was allowed to run in the 2004 and 2007 presidential and legislative elections without issue.

The leader of Cameroon for the past 29 years, Biya is favored to win in the election, according to In 2008, he made changes to the nation's constitution that eradicated term limits so he could remain in office longer.

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