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Future cars are creating a stir at the Frankfurt International Motor Show

September 16, 2011

The Frankfurt International Motor Show has been held in Germany since 1897, and the 64th annual event is currently in full-swing. Automakers from around the world gather in Frankfurt every year to showcase their latest creations - on odd-numbered years the show features consumer vehicles and even-numbered years focus on developments in the commercial automotive industry.

One of the coolest things about the motor show is the cavalcade of concept cars that grace the showroom floors and this year many of the major automakers are presenting cool, futuristic designs that will not likely make it to production, but they give an idea of the possible future of cars.

BMW is showing off its i8 concept, of which rumors have been flying for some time. The car is sleek, lined with lights and looks as though it may have been driven straight out of Tron. Citroen introduced what can only be described as a living room on wheels. The entire side of the car lifts up to reveal a small space with a curvy passenger seat that faces the rear so passengers can chat while the driver carts them around in the bizarre vehicle.

Automotive enthusiasts who were unable to attend the event can use international calling cards to make calls to Germany and talk to their friends about the plethora of cool cars being presented in Frankfurt.


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