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Banksy work from 2003 recovered in Germany

September 15, 2011

Street art is a temperamental form of expression, as it is illegal in most places to alter the property of others. However, the elusive London-based painter Banksy and a number of other "street artists" have made waves in the art community by using graffiti to challenge convention. One of the biggest struggles for graffiti artists is spending hours creating a work of art, only to have it painted over and forgotten.

Banksy, the major player in bringing street art to galleries and museums, is perhaps the best-known street artist of all time, and his artwork can be found all over the world, if it hasn't been covered up already. In Germany, one of his pieces was recently recovered by fellow artist Brad Downey, according to the BBC.

Downey's latest project, What Lies Beneath, focuses on the many layers of paint and the hidden images that lie within. As part of this installation, the artist recovered Every Picture Tells a Lie, which was originally created in 2003 during a street art project at the Kuestlerhaus Bethanien. Downey was also a part of this collaborative exhibition, which is why he took an interest in restoring the piece.

Art enthusiasts can use phone cards to make calls to Germany to talk to their friends about the exhibit, Banksy and other artists.


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