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New solar plant to open in Mexico

September 13, 2011

Baja Sun Energy SRL recently announced that it would be forming the first integrated solar business in Mexico, which will provide energy to both Mexico and the neighboring areas of the United States. The manufacturing plant will be built in the Silicon Border CleanTECH Park in Mexicali, Mexico.

"The time is right for a Mexican solar company," said Governor Osuna of Baja California in Mexico. "Mexico has more sunshine per capita than most countries in the world, and it is only fitting that we start a Mexican company to capture the sun for our own use in the State of Baja California...Mexico can be one of the world's largest players in this process given our cost and location advantages."

Construction is slated to begin before this year is up, and once complete, the company claims that the plant will be able to provide the lowest-cost solar energy solution in North America. DJ Hill, the CEO of Silicon Border, states that the facilities are already some of the most eco-friendly in North America, with LED lighting, water and waste treatment and other 'green' initiatives.

People can use phone cards to make calls to Mexico to talk to their friends about the latest effort to develop and provide clean energy. 


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