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Brazil wins FIFA Under-20 World Cup

August 22, 2011

The action-packed final match of the Under-20 World Cup kept spectators at the edge of their seats, and Brazil came out on top in overtime. At the end of regulation playing time, Portugal and Brazil were at a 2-2 stalemate. The man of the hour for Brazil on Saturday was Oscar, who pulled off a hat-trick when he scored his third and final goal 21 minutes into overtime play, the New York Times reports. The ball barely missed the head of Portuguese goal tender Mika, securing Brazil's fifth U-20 World Cup title.

Oscar scored the first goal of the game just five minutes in, which was promptly countered by a cross-field goal by Nelson Oliviera a few minutes later. He put another one past Brazilian keeper Gabriel in the second half of the game and things looked good for Portugal for a while, but Oscar caught a deflected attempt on goal by Dudu and sailed it past Mika to tie the game with just 12 minutes to go in regulation time.

Back in 1991, Portugal came out victorious over Brazil in the final game, but now Brazil has come back and leveled the playing field. Now, if the two countries ever come up against one another again, the fans will likely be very heated.

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