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Brazil to face Portugal in U-20 World Cup finals on Saturday

August 18, 2011

The semi-finals are over and Brazil will be facing Portugal in the FIFA U-20 World Cup finals on Saturday. Both Brazil and Portugal beat Mexico and France, respectively, by 2-0 - even though their opponents put up good fights. In 1991, Portugal bested Brazil in the finals on penalties, according to Yahoo! Sport. Now the South American nation will have another chance to beat their opponent.

The AFP reports that Brazil dominated their game in Bogota, but did not score until the final six minutes of the game, cutting it very close. Henrique, the 20-year-old Brazilian striker, scored two goals to secure the victory for his team. These two goals put him in a tie with Spain's Alvaro Vazquez for the title of top scorer in the tournament. If he gets the ball in the net on Saturday's game he will pull ahead of Vazquez.

Portugal's win was not as down-to-the-wire as Brazil. In Medallion, Danilo scored the first goal nine minutes into the game, and Oliviera got a penalty kick past the keeper right before halftime.

"Congratulations to Portugal in reaching the final," France coach Francis Smerecki told the AFP. "But we really handed it to them."

Football enthusiasts can use international phone cards to place calls to Brazil to talk to their family and friends about the upcoming game on Saturday.


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