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FIFA Under-20 World Cup moves on to quarter finals

August 11, 2011

The FIFA Under-20 World Cup is well-underway, and the eight teams that will move on to the quarter finals have been determined. The Under-20 World Cup is a chance for young players to complete globally. Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Nigeria and France will compete to advance to the semi-finals.

Mexico beat out Camaroon in a shootout after the game closed with a one-to-one tie. The Camaroon team missed their first three penalty shots, and Mexico nailed each of their three shots to secure the victory, the BBC reports. The Central American team will go on to play against Argentina, who beat Egypt two to one.

Brazil had a clean victory against Saudi Arabia, scoring three goals and stopping every attempt on their own goal, according to The Canadian Press. Spain finished the regulation game against South Korea with neither team having scored, but the Spanish club narrowly beat out the Asian team (seven to six) in a penalty shootout.

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