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Border patrol shows rising concern for people who are going from the U.S. to Mexico

August 10, 2011

It's no secret that Mexicans who want to immigrate to the United States have a hard time getting across the border, but now it's getting difficult to leave the U.S. as well. Primarily, this is due to government efforts to ebb the flow of illegal drugs and weapons between the two nations, which means stricter policies are being enacted along border checkpoints, The New York Times reports.

Border patrol officials are checking the papers of people who are heading to Mexico, and many are without the proper documentation. Since the officers are looking for illegal contraband, those who have clean records are often allowed to go, but anyone with a criminal record is liable to be arrested and deported.

"Why do we want to spend resources apprehending people who are removing themselves anyway?" Jennifer Allen of the Border Action Network posed the question to the Times. "I've heard of people wanting to leave the country and wondering if they should risk it."

The government seems so insistent on keeping illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., but they are making it difficult for them to leave once they get here. The topic has been one of importance, and people can use international phone cards to place calls to Mexico to talk about the latest developments on the border.


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