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Brazilian and Canadian leaders sign new trade agreements to strengthen international business

August 9, 2011

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is currently on his first business trip to Brazil to discuss trade policies with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The PM of Canada feels that Brazil and his country can bond over the fact that they are both expansive countries with ethnically and culturally diverse populations and both countries have a strong focus on agriculture.

"Although Brazil is Canada's largest trading partner in South America, our two countries still did barely $6 billion in business last year, despite having combined GDPs (gross domestic products) of close to $4 trillion," Harper said in a public address, The Globe and Mail reports.

The leaders met in Brazil to go over details, and on Monday, they signed trade agreements to facilitate air travel between the nations, make it easier for Brazilian and Canadian people to retire in either country and improve cooperative efforts on foreign-aid projects.

Canada's leader made sure to praise Brazil for its ascension in the global economy, as it is quickly becoming one of the top financial powers of the world.

People in Canada can use phone cards to Brazil and vice versa to discuss international business or just talk about the blossoming relationships between the North and South American nations.


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