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Honda recalls nearly 2.5 million vehicles worldwide, China and U.S. hit hardest

August 5, 2011

Honda Motor announced on Friday that it will be recalling about 2.49 million vehicles in Canada, Mexico, South America, parts of the Middle East, the U.S. and China for software updates for automatic transmission controls. Affected vehicles include the Accord, Element, and CR-V models from the 2004 to 2009 model years.

An issue with the transmission's software may cause affected vehicles to stall or have difficulty shifting in and out of 'park.' Without the software update, part of the transmission can be damaged as well, according to The Detroit News.

The AFP reports that more than 760,000 Accords, Spiriors and Odysseys in China are affected by this recall. People can use international phone cards to make calls to China to let their friends and families know about the recall and make sure that they or anyone they know who drives a Honda vehicle gets the issue fixed.

So far, no incidences of injury have been reported, but a few claims have been made for stalling engines and cars slipping out of gear when parked, the publications report.


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