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Mexican drug gang kingpin detained in Ciudad Juarez

August 2, 2011

Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, a leader of a notorious Mexican drug gang, was arrested last weekend in Mexico. The former Mexican police officer was accused of ordering the deaths of 1,500 people in Ciudad Juarez - the most violent city in Mexico - and police reported that he admitted to the crime, The New York Times reports. Officials believe that Hernadez's cartel was able to operate for so long because the kingpin had connections with the law enforcement in Juarez, who he was able to use as informants to gather intel.

Hernandez also admitted to ordering gang members to shoot up a birthday party, where 15 people were killed, mostly teenagers who had no apparent connection to the drug ring, and masterminding a car bomb in July 2010. Law officials from Mexico and the U.S. believe that Hernandez was behind the murder of a U.S. consulate who was four months pregnant, her Mexican husband the husband of another consulate worker when they were in Juarez, according to The Guardian.

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