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Typhoon rocks the Philippines, more yet to come

July 29, 2011

The rainy season is in full swing in the Philippines, which is great for the nation's crop and farming industry, but the storms are often dangerous and can result in flash floods and landslides. The most recent storm to sweep the nation, Typhoon Nock-Ten - also referred to as Juaning by locals - caused at least nine landslides and has already affected more than 600,000 Filipinos, according to Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN).

"We are anticipating more landslides," Arlene Dayao, a geologist for the nation's Minig and Geosciences Bureau, told IRIN. "The ground soil is saturated because of the continuous rains."

Filipino people who are traveling outside the country can use international calling cards to call home and check on their families. The country is the fourth most vulnerable to landslide risk after India, China and Indonesia.

Many children, oblivious to the danger and tragedy that the storm caused in certain areas of the Philippines, took to the streets to splash and play in the floods. Adults have constructed makeshift boats to get around town until the waters subside, the International Business Times reports.


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