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Canada launches new program to encourage international tourism

July 11, 2011

The Canadian Tourism commission recently launched a new program, the Signature Experiences Collection, to promote international tourism in the North American nation. The new program will encourage businesses to offer new products and experiences, in an effort to improve Canada's global economic standing.

"Growing international markets is important to Canadian tourism," said Minister of State Maxime Bernier. "This collection will provide our tourism businesses with the opportunity to grow and make better connections with potential international visitors."

Many people who travel to Canada for business can use the program to find interesting things to do in between meetings to enrich their experience. However, they shouldn't spend too much time seeing the sights, as USA Today reports that punctuality is very important to Canadian businesspeople.

The news source recommends that international business travelers, excluding Americans, should also bring voltage converters to charge their phones, laptops and other electronics. Some businesses offer wireless internet and cell phone reception is generally reliable, but since roaming charges my apply, travelers can buy phone cards to avoid high cellphone charges.


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