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Ottawa Irish Festival celebrates shared history

March 12, 2013

The Ottawa Irish Festival is a celebration of Irish and Irish-Canadian culture and heritage taking place from March 7 through 17. The festival is held in multiple locations in central Ottawa and is organized by The Irish Society of the National Capital Region. The annual St. Patrick's Parade and Party will occur on Saturday March 16.

Visitors have already been able to enjoy live Irish music as played by special guests Acacia Lyra and the harp and voice duo Janine Dudding & Susan Sweeney Hermon. In addition to music, attendees have had opportunities to learn cooking from a professional chef and a little Gaelic in a class organized by the Ottawa Irish Language Group.

Remaining events are just as varied. Literary offerings include poetry and short story readings as well as authors reading and taking questions on their works. Throughout the festival, four Irish village pubs remain open, but the Ottawa Irish festival also offers attendees a chance to exercise with the Ottawa St. Patrick's Day Run, sponsored by the Ottawa Irish Rugby Club and Running Room. 

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