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Princeton's community service programs extend to Brazil

March 11, 2013

Princeton University has long encouraged its incoming freshman class to participate in community service and now expands that service to communities in Brazil. Princeton's Bridge Year Program allows freshmen to defer the start of their freshman year and instead volunteer in nine months of community service sponsored by the university. The service program is tuition-free in addition to being an incredible learning opportunity.

The students living at the Brazil site will volunteer at schools, community centers and orphanages, among other institutions. The service work aims for the students to work directly with the people of Salvador.

Though the goals of the program are to broaden students' international perspectives and give students a reprieve from academic pressures, Bridge Year also functions as an intensive foreign language course. Students will live with local families while learning the language. 

"All of these experiences combined will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of local culture and society, as well as a greater appreciation for what it means to work with and for others," said John Luria, director of the Bridge Year Program.

The Bridge Year Program already has sites in China, Peru, India and Senegal.

Those interested in the new site can make calls to Brazil using prepaid phone cards.


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