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Nigeria builds new city on land recovered from Atlantic Ocean

March 6, 2013

Eko Atlantic will one day be home to an estimated 250,000 people and a workplace for 150,000 more, but only a few years ago, the site on which this city will rise was part of the Atlantic Ocean. Five square kilometers of land have been reclaimed since February 2008, according to Dredging Today. The 7-year dredging operation planned to create 8,000 square meters of new land daily, working toward a goal of 10 square kilometers. 

Initially conceived as a solution to protect Bar Beach in Victoria Island from coastal erosion and the threat of flooding, Eko Atlantic has become a beacon of hope and development for all of Nigeria. "Eko Atlantic City is bringing us happiness and this happiness has come to stay," stated President Johnson. 

Home to the future city, Lagos State in particular aims for immense growth in the coming years with an estimated 25 million new people living and working in the region by 2015. The Great Wall of Lagos, a sea revetment three and half kilometers tall that has restored the Victoria Island coastline, may also become a spectacular draw to the area long before Eko Atlantic is complete.

Those interested in Eko Atlantic can make calls to Nigeria using international phone cards


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