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Delta and Habitat for Humanity building together in Mexico

March 5, 2013

In Puebla, Mexico, a historic Spanish colonial city to the east of Mexico City, over 50 volunteers from around the world will assemble to build six new homes this March. Assembled through Delta's Force for Global Good, a program sponsored by Delta Air Lines to promote positive local and global change, these Delta employees hail from anywhere from Montreal to Singapore. They also use their vacation time and pay a portion of their expenses for the opportunity to volunteer on this project. 

"Our Mexico City based employees have displayed a lot of enthusiasm for this project that brings Delta people together for a common cause," stated Carlos Enrique Hernandez , Delta's director – Mexico. The families who will live in the new houses will also participate in the construction project. 

The primary material of the buildings will be concrete block, which requires minimal long-term maintenance from the families. The homes are designed to resist earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

This will be Delta's ninth international build with Habitat for Humanity. Locations of other, similar projects include China, South Africa and Chile. 

Those who want to explore the possibility of volunteering abroad  can make calls to Mexico and other nations using prepaid phone cards


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