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Hello_from_Germany Calling Card
  • Customer Rating
Voice Quality
Billing Accuracy
Customer Service
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Connection FeeConnection Fee applies
Maintenance FeeYes (?0.26 / 14 Days)
Rounding1 minute
Toll Free Access NumbersYes
Local Access NumbersYes
Service Fees & SurchargesNo
Pay Phone Charge?0.4 / minute
Validity period90 days
Prompt LanguagesGerman
Service Provided by IDTE
How to Dial
Access Numbers
"Hello from Germany" phone card has No Connection Fees./ Toll Free/Local Access numbers are available within Germany. Low international rates to most European countries, USA and Canada with high quality connections. Enjoy "Hello from Germany" calling card!

    Additional fees:
  • Connection applicable on Duration over 120 seconds. Connection applicable on all calls.
  • Call Completion Fee: ?0.08 per call. Every time you complete a call a charge of ?0.08 is applied.
  • Multiple Minutes Charge: ?0.5 charge every 6 minutes.
  • Mobile Surcharge: ?0.475/min. A charge of ?0.475/min applies when placing a call using your mobile phone.

Please read the disclaimer about additional provisions. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on the card.
Card can be used from Germany
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  • Dial Access Number

  • Listen to Welcome Message

  • Enter PIN number. You will be informed of the remaining balance on your card.

  • Enter international code and number. For follow-on call enter "###"

    If no connection is established within 20 seconds, please hang up and try again.

    For questions regarding connection and quality please contact Card's Customer Service (the number is provided in the same email with Phone Card's PIN and Dialing Instructions).

    For questions regarding sales or services please contact us.

  • 0800 031 9031 Toll Free
    1802 030 017 PP
    06925499 803 Frankfurt
    030/81489 985 Berlin
    040/98679 985 Hamburg
    0511/9679 985 Hannover
    089/20403 985 Munchen
    0221/9969 985 Koln